Managing Your Complete Self

Understanding our complex design is crucial when learning to master those areas that are
untrained in the ways of righteousness. Many of us understand that we have a spirit, soul,
body, heart, flesh and mind but do not always understand how all these parts interact and
are influenced. Having a clear understanding of our composition allows us to focus on the
areas that need discipline and empowers us to take control of our life. Let’s look at some
of the areas that constitute our design:




  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Sometimes what God is doing in your life won’t make sense until much later. Trust the process!

  • Walking by the Spirit of God enables us to love deeply and sincerely. This is the way God designs us to function! #LoveMustBeSincere

  • Jesus is the answer to every problem you’ll ever encounter and to every challenge/circumstances you’ll ever face #YouMustKeepYourEyesOnJesus

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